Jewelry Care and Tarnish Prevention

All of our pieces are made of Sterling Silver. Sterling Silver jewelry naturally tarnishes when exposed to air and other elements.  There are other factors that can cause tarnish as well: some skin types, lotions, exposure to other tarnished jewelry, improper storage, etc.  How your jewelry is stored will make a difference in how quickly your jewelry tarnishes.  When not being worn, the jewelry should be stored in a closed jewelry box or even a plastic bag. It should not be touching other jewelry, especially if the other jewelry is tarnished, and should never be left out exposed to the elements.

The best solution for tarnish is prevention.  Every Michelle Ryan Designs order comes with a polishing pad to keep your jewelry shiny and tarnish-free. To prevent tarnish build-up, you should periodically polish your charm with this included polishing pad.  The pad can also be used to remove any tarnish that has already started to occur on your charms.  The blackened letters will not be affected by rubbing with the polishing pad.