I have a question?

Please contact Michelle Ryan Designs by emailing us at support@michelleryandesigns.com 

What does hand stamped mean?

Hand stamping is the process of making deep impressions with a hammer and individual metal characters into a piece of jewelry such as a Sterling Silver disc.

How long will I wait for my order?

1-3 weeks for orders placed in non-peak times. This excludes major holidays (Valentines, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.), which can take up to a week longer to ship.

Can you rush an order?

Please select Express Shipping during checkout for quicker delivery time.

What is the metal used for the pieces?

Fine Sterling Silver is used in the creation of every Michelle Ryan Designs piece, unless noted otherwise in product description.

Will my silver pieces tarnish?

Yes, Sterling Silver jewelry naturally tarnishes when exposed to air and other elements. Storing your pieces in a closed jewelry box or as simple as a plastic bag will aid in prevention. Should your piece tarnish, please use the cleaning pad included with your order.

Will the characters on my piece be stamped straight?

No. Every piece is stamped by hand therefore every piece is unique. No two pieces will be the same.

Can I have something stamped on the back of a piece?

No we are sorry, not at this time.

Can anything be stamped on my piece?

Yes and no. Michelle Ryan Designs reserves the right to refuse a design using profanity or inappropriate language. We will contact you if we cancel an order for this reason.

Can I add another piece to my necklace?

Yes of course. Please see various options in our Bits & Pieces page located on the Menu bar.